Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my Suffragette Outfit

This is my version of skirt 0162 from the 1912 project. I didn't like the wide front panel on the original, so I cut those front seams straight, adding a placket underneath on the right side. I used the top stitched construction method recommended in the original pattern.
The blouse, while it looks like a pattern from the 1912 project, is actually a mash up of several patterns I already owned. The high collar is detachable.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pearl Esther's hat

Pearl Esther has been begging me to make her a 1912 hat. Just like my grandma, her namesake loves hats.

The inspiration is from Sears 1912 catalog.

I used a dollsized straw hat from my craft supply stash, covered it with dark royal blue silk. The buckle is a vintage art deco era shoe clip, and the feathers are just as they came off the bird and were sent me by my Sis-in-law who is always sending me wonderful things. Thanks, Kathy

Monday, February 20, 2012


After seeing the pictures of 1912 bras or Bandeaus I thought, I can do that.

Once the slip pattern has been properly fitted for you you can use that, but I used a princess bodice pattern that I know fits me. I'm a front fastener person due to arthritis in my shoulders so adapted the pattern for that.

Cut it out from a piece of pink slipper satin I've had forever. A fitting tip--sew the back and side seams, the front seams up to the breast points and make those fit. Then put on the closure, try on the bandeau inside out and pin the upper breast seams. Because of my particular shape the upper part of the cups is always too big so those seams were about twice as wide as normal.

It is way too high at the back neckline for a gown, but should be fine under a blouse.

And it is comfortable! No pinchy elastic!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pearl Esther in the skirt

Here's Pearl Esther in the 0162 skirt reduced to 25% when I printed it off .
I only found 4 of the buttons I want to use in my button box, so will have to make a trek to town for more or a substitute if I must. I used a light weight navy blue rayon gabardine,with narrow gimp braid for the trim.
I decided while making the doll that it would be more convenient to leave the arms detached so that I could use her as a dress form at least until I have completed an outfit for her.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1912 doll in the challenge slip

Here is the doll I made to wear the 1912 clothing, in the challenge slip.

Under it she is wearing lisle stockings with ribbon garters, high button shoes, and "open" drawers.

She is 16 inches tall with a 7.5 inch waist which translates to 5'4" with a 30" waist.

I reduced the pattern to 25% (approximately) and used the method of drawing on the stitching lines rather than using the cutting lines given. I used the insertion lace instructions given only at the flounce seam as I didn't care for the openness of the insertion over the body, And of course I didn't pleat the flounce as I loved this deeply scalloped eyelet so much.